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Contact Persons:
Adjara Salami - 0244613391
Mr. I.K. Adamafio - 0244591702

233 0302 769533

Cell Phone Numbers
233 244 61 33 91
233 206 152 787


Block 15, Room 5
Aviance, Cargo Village
Kotoka International Airport

Community 2
Behine GAPOHA Clinic

PO Box ML 274
Mallam, Accra
Ghana-West Africa

Welcome to Meridian Express Limited

We have a team with a wealth of experience in the freight handling business both in Ghana and outside Ghana. We are therefore committed to bringing this vast wealth of experience to bear on our service delivery to the satisfaction of our sophisticated client.

We will continue to build networks and partnership with handling companies all over the world, in an effort to provide a comprehensive range of services to our cherished clients.

Couier Services @ Meridian Express Limited: At Meridian Express Limited, we offer a worldwide, express couier service for those small urgent packages. Packages can be delivered anywhere in Ghana or worldwide with proof of delivery ensuring a safe and timely delivery.

Biopharmaceutical Transportation

As the most experienced source for biopharmaceutical transportation in the world, Meridian Express Limited delivers the fastest door-to-door service for shipping blood and organs for transplant, as well as specimens, blood and tissue for research. Our specialized services such as clinical trial transportation coordination and clinical supply and investigational drug shipping can also help you bring important new drugs to market faster. With custom solutions that offer complete transportation services including next available flight, hand carry and aircraft chartering services – your time critical, temperature sensitive and hazardous materials shipments are sure to arrive safely and on time, every time.